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Financial Product Manager

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The job description

Job Responsibilities:

1. Responsible for demand discovery and analysis of the company's financial derivatives and product function design;

2. Continue to explore user needs for product innovation, rationally plan product development and function planning, coordinate and promote the implementation of product functions;

3. Pay attention to operational data, user research and feedback, and continuously optimize products;

4. Pay attention to competitors' conditions and react keenly to market changes;

5. Responsible for the overall and detailed design of product interface and interaction, and promoted the continuous improvement of product interaction experience;

6. Planned and managed the project schedule, promoted the technical realization of the project, and controlled the quality and efficiency of the project implementation;

Job Requirements:

1. Experience in financial derivatives operation;

2. Strong planning ability, sensitive to products and operations, and strong logical thinking ability;

3. Sensitive to data, good at finding and solving problems;

4. Strong product document writing ability and team communication and coordination ability;

5. Strong sense of responsibility and self-motivated;

6. Full of interest in the financial industry, with strong sense of responsibility, good time management ability and strong ability to work under pressure.

Community operating

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The job description

Job Responsibilities:

1. Formulated community recruitment plans and implemented transformation schemes, took charge of the operation and construction of innovative communities, community group buying, e-commerce retail, etc., and realized user growth and transformation

2. Contact, communicate, label, group building and maintain customers according to the standards and requirements provided by the company;

3. Daily wechat community operation, daily promotion activities and marketing plan implementation, promotion and release, keep good interaction with customers, and do public opinion monitoring;

4. Formulate community rules, be responsible for the production of community content and the creation of community atmosphere, and build a highly sticky community;

5. Responsible for the results of daily operation, interaction, maintenance and expansion of the community, and responsible for the activity of the community and the enthusiasm of group members;

6. Responsible for the mining and interaction of core users, activating more members through core users and maintaining community activity;

6. Planned and organized online activities of the community;

7. Regularly sort out and summarize operational experience, adjust operational strategies and formulate operational optimization plans;

8. Activate community users according to project & company needs, and introduce new users through effective guidance and transformation;

Job Requirements:

1. College degree or above, more than 1 year community operation experience;

2. Community management experience in well-known community group buying platforms and social e-commerce platforms is preferred;

3. With practical community operation methodology, able to skillfully guide, activate and manage wechat groups;

4. Strong data analysis ability to analyze problems existing in the operation process, so as to put forward improvement suggestions and improve execution;

5. Experience in online community operation and construction, good communication skills and self-solving ability to promote team goals;

6. Strong learning ability, familiar with the mature gameplay of the existing market;

7. Have deep insight into users and can think from the perspective of users;

8. Strong execution ability, good at reviewing operation and activity results, and continuously improving promotion strategies;

9. Excellent communication skills, feedback skills, and the ability to continue to follow up projects.


1. Have a competitive salary system in the whole industry, including five insurances and one housing fund and weekends off;

2. Other benefits: year-end bonus, overtime allowance, overtime meal allowance;

3. Paid leave: Employees who have worked for more than one year can enjoy 5 days paid annual leave according to company regulations.

4. Recreational activities: The company organizes various afternoon tea, team building and recreational activities from time to time;

5. Development space: The company has good skills training, sound promotion mechanism and humanized management mode. The company will promote excellent employees.

Community Operations Director

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The job description

Job Description:

1. Responsible for the expansion of community channel resources, attracting new target users, building community management system and formulating community management rules;

2. Responsible for the release and maintenance of community content, focus on user growth, and improve community influence and attention;

3. Responsible for the monthly operation planning and implementation of the community, establishing effective operation means and creating a highly sticky community;

4. Trained and managed the team, formulated and timely adjusted marketing strategies and techniques, and led the team to complete the performance targets set by the company;

5, combined with the marketing layout to achieve accurate community customer insight, drainage, interception, cultivation, fission.

6. Collect the needs of subdivided audience and adjust the community management plan and operation in real time, promote the community fission and improve the sales conversion rate;

7. Adjusted and optimized the operation direction and realized fine operation according to user demand and operation demand through data analysis.

Job Requirements:

Education requirement: College degree or above

Major: Marketing, Advertising, psychology, e-commerce preferred

1. Familiar with non-small details, BCOIN, Golden finance and other media promotion, community resources or financial operation team management experience;

2. Active thinking, good understanding ability and team spirit, love the job, careful, patient and responsible;

3. Strong sense of service, patience, humility, imagination and passion;

4. Have strong activity planning ability, be good at creating topics and planning community activities, and guide users to participate in interaction, familiar with community promotion of various application knowledge and skills, familiar with the communication rules of various tools.