Company profile

Company Profile

Longcheng Fund Management Center was formally established in 2018 by a number of experienced partners from finance and industry at home and abroad. It is one of the earliest professional cryptocurrency investment teams in China and is committed to becoming a leading cryptocurrency asset management company in China.

We aimed at investors to design a set of comprehensive financial planning, through to the individual, corporate and institutional clients, provide asset allocation, portfolio, portfolio and so on a series of financial services, to customers of the assets, liabilities, liquidity management, different stages to meet customer's financial needs, help customers to reduce risk and achieve wealth value maintained and added and inheritance, etc.

We hope to help small and medium investors really make money in the cryptocurrency market, deliver a life style of peace of mind and no anxiety, and let users invest properly and live a full life.


Our Advantages

Our Advantages


Advanced big data mining new currency online, to achieve the "one-click new, online buy" operation, Advanced real-time streaming computing of big data, customized private financial services for users.


The core team comes from top Wall Street investment banks such as Morgan And Goldman Sachs, as well as domestic professional institutions, For domestic major banks, family funds and individual users to provide institutional services.

Heavy safety

The funds are managed by users independently, with high security,Adopt industry leading MPC technology to ensure account security.

Our Products

Our Products

Coin worry free app

An intelligent and flexible crypto financial service platform provides users with products and services such as asset allocation, yield enhancement and risk hedging. We hope users can achieve long-term returns and differentiated asset allocation through this App in the ever-changing crypto financial market.

"One button to hit the new currency, the online buy" function
Feature revenue enhancement products


Personal tailor

One-stop crypto asset financial service platform ,Provide investors with standardized encryption assets in financial products and services, with advanced quantitative trading strategy, machine learning algorithms and big data real-time flow calculation, and also for the individual, exchange, mineral pools, tokens, issuers, hedge funds and other institutions to provide one-on-one deep customized services, to help users to achieve the differential allocation of assets and long-term appreciation.

Multiple customized financial management helps increase the value of crypto assets
Intelligent algorithm trading, Unicom whole market liquidity


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Friendly Link

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