Longcheng fund

Crypto investment expert

Philosophy: To help small and medium investors make money, to deliver a life style of peace of mind and not anxiety, to invest properly and to live a full life. Longcheng Fund Management Center was formally established in 2018 by a number of experienced partners from finance and industry at home and abroad. It is one of the earliest professional cryptocurrency investment teams in China and is committed to becoming a leading cryptocurrency asset management company in China. Since its establishment, the company has completed more than 60 investment projects, served more than 200 enterprise/individual customers, and the asset management scale reached 30 million yuan. We aimed at investors to design a set of comprehensive financial planning, through to the individual, corporate and institutional clients, provide asset allocation, portfolio, portfolio and so on a series of financial services, to customers of the assets, liabilities, liquidity management, different stages to meet customer's financial needs, help customers to reduce risk and achieve wealth value maintained and added and inheritance, etc. Our investment system is a combination of value investment and quantitative system. Taking value investment as the overall strategy, solving the problem of the intrinsic value of investment target; The quantitative system is used as a specific tactic to solve the problem of the fit between the intrinsic value of the investment target and the current market recognition expectation, so as to create long-term sustainable investment returns for investors. We have professional risk control management team, perfect risk control system, more than ten years of professional R & D team and leading R & D results, excellent investment managers and experienced fund management team. Provide long-term, stable and diversified services for investors.